eDexter Submission Rules

Please follow these submission guidelines:


1. No profane, lewd, or otherwise offensive graphics will be used on this site.

2. The graphics you submit should have the same filenames as the original eDexter images.

3. The graphics should be in a single zip file when you send them to me.

4. All graphics will be reviewed before being posted, and that may take a bit of time.

5. You agree that others may use the graphics free-of-charge when you submit them.

6. You agree that the images are yours and/or are public domain images.

7. The images must be of small size and in the gif format.

8. Any other restrictions and/or problems with your images I will notify youabout when I review them.

9. Absolutely no harmful files should be sent to me - I will ban you from submissions if this occurs.

10. Have fun with your images and be creative!


Submit your images!


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