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News Stories: June 2000


June 30, 2000 - Who's Watching You Surf?

"Each time you connect to the Internet, you may be sharing that connection with a traitor -- a spyware program that has its own agenda and communicates secretly with its home site. Some spyware programs are installed automatically when you visit Web sites that use them. Others are installed along with particular shareware or freeware programs."

June 29, 2000 - Failed dot-coms May Be Selling Your Private Information

"Some dot-com failures are resorting to selling information their customers may have thought would remain under lock and key as they scramble to find assets that can be sold to appease creditors." (link courtesy of "Eric M.")

June 22, 2000 - 'Cookiegate' Alarms Watchdogs

"Privacy groups went on the offensive Thursday, calling on Congress to investigate the Clinton administration's use of cookies as part of its anti-illegal drug campaign. DoubleClick told The Wall Street Journal yesterday that "no personally identifiable data about visitors were given to the government," but the privacy groups say they are skeptical."

June 15, 2000 - Software that can spy on you

"Why did Mattel include technology that can encrypt and send data to and from your PC in its children's CD-ROMs?" (link courtesy of "Baba O'")

June 12, 2000 - FTC, Online Ad Firms Haggle Over Privacy

"In the wake of last month's Federal Trade Commission recommendation that Congress pass basic online privacy laws, a group of Internet ad-server companies is continuing to hold secret talks with the FTC and the Commerce Department about a set of self-imposed privacy standards for the online-advertising industry in lieu of new privacy legislation."

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