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DoubleClick DART™

About DoubleClick DART:

DoubleClick DART™ " the ad serving technology that performs the targeting, reporting and inventory management for the sites in the DoubleClick Network."

"As a Web-based service, DART requires no hardware or software to be installed. In most cases, integration work is limited to writing two lines of HTML code which instruct a user's browser to request a targeted ad from the DoubleClick server."

"DART accommodates any Rich Media type through a frame or Iframe/Layer page set-up. Some of the technologies that we currently support include: Java, JavaScript, Real Audio, Real Video, Enliven, Shockwave, Shockwave Flash and VRML banners. However, DART can serve virtually any type of ad you are willing to accept on your site. [...] DART is also capable of delivering any image size."

The DoubleClick Closed-Loop Marketing Suite includes DART for Publishers™, DART for Advertisers™, DataBank™, and DataBank Data Analysis™. It allows for "...more control over your online ads, more meaningful relationships with consumers, and the power to act on what you learn."

"Build better customer relationships through . . . Data Warehousing"

"DataBank™ stores information captured during ad delivery and site visits. It includes activities such as online transactions and purchases, and ad activities such as transactions associated with specific ads. While the information is rich, it is strictly anonymous."

The DART Client list boasts over 11,000 sites including BroadBand Sports, CBS Sportsline, CBS MarketWatch,, ebay,, Intuit, Infoseek,, NBC,, and

Added: June 26-00

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