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GetRight ® (cont'd)

Jul 28-00: From "MM": " I installed 4.2c last week and removed it! The registered version does not add the [Aureate] files, but adds the [Aureate] registry keys every time it is started. I have gone back to a 2 year old version!"

Suggested fixes: Uninstall your old getright version, remove any trace of getright in the registry by hand and then install version 4.2c regged. Bingo, no more spyware." (Mario); Try reinstalling & running the adware remover programme that Headlight supplies. I found that if I ran optout, then tried the Getright adware remover programme I got the registry entires everytime I started. By reinstalling & running the prog, before using optout they've gone." (Nicholas W). Also see July 24 fix.

Jul 24-00: From "Bill T": "I have the registered version of getright 4.2c. supposedly without the spyware. Ran the getright remove ads program as well as optout and no files were there to remove. everything was clean. But when I start to download I get an alert from zone alarm that's site is attempting to be contacted. If I do not allow it, getright goes belly up. I understand that the addition of ads to even the registered version was in ver 4.1. Before that you are ok and supposedly 4.2c is also fine. But my 4.2 does try to go to"

Suggested fix: "If you don't want Radiate contacted, I suggest you uninstall GetRight, run OptOut just to be safe. Also run Jouni's Regcleaner (see Links page) and clean up the old GetRight entries. After this, run setup again and enter your regcode at the very beginning of the setup, this way GetRight won't install the Aureate and you won't need to run a utility to remove the Ads." (Bruce)

Jul 19-00: From "George S": "...unregistered, ad-supported versions come with Aureate/Radiate which as we all know, certainly is [spyware]. For those running unregistered versions there is an option to remove the advertisements by purchasing the product. says that after buying Getright the advertising system files can be removed from your computer. The page warns that these advertising files are shared with a large number of other programs which may give errors or not work if the files are removed."

Jul 17-00: From "Brett H": "GetRight 4.2 UNREGISTERED is adware and uses Radiate/Aureate. However, when you register it the adware can be removed either by optout or by a utility from GetRight. I carefully checked on GR for a while (mine is registered) and found once removed the adware stayed gone. The author of GetRight was in these groups a while back and has responded to my email concerns. In fact he responded to requests and provided a removal tool for registered users."

Jul 16-00: From "Bruce": "Version 3.34 was the last release before the marriage to Aureate (no spyware) it can be found by browsing

Version 4.2 can be found at V4.2 installs spyware and will work if Aureate is removed. After Aureate is removed it will bring you flycast Ads via a java script contained in a file I think is called iebanner.htm or something close to that."

"If you don't have the Internet Explorer I don't think it will use this java script, one time I found it calling after removing the Aureate files."

"I use the registered version of GetRight. I discovered that Getright 4.1 installed spyware on registered users namely ME and failed to make fair disclosure. It also wouldn't uninstall the spyware and intended that I owed Aureate a lifetime worth of phone calls and unquestioned access to my compute even after registration dues are paid."

" this point even GetRight concedes that there is something wrong with installing Aureate software and offering no disclosure or removal option after he gets your money in registration dues."

"My computer was infected because I didn't watch GetRight closely enough and was too trusting to be suspicious of it. This mistake will not be repeated by me. I watch closely the behavior of GetRight and I will happily report to the group what I find or learn regarding this product in order that this public may be more well informed."

Jul 01-00: From "Bruce": "With GetRight, version numbers are significant in regards to the spyware. I think I know GetRight well enough that I can guess the version and the sequence you went through when you ran the setup program."

GetRight has many personalities depending on which version and even depending on what install options you choose. Following is a short recap..."

* GetRight versions before 4x don't install spyware.

* GetRight's first 4x versions installed spyware on all users including registered users. There was is no option to opt out and registration is to no avail. Also, the spyware would not be removed if GetRight was uninstalled and it would run even when GetRight was not running or even uninstalled.

* GetRight v4.2 also installs spyware. With one exception, if you enter the reg code at the very beginning of the setup process GetRight won't stick you with the spyware. Anon installed GetRight as an evaluation and even if he registered it, he would still have to go through additional processes to remove the spyware, the reason why is because registration doesn't remove the spyware. A utility such as GetRight's utility or OptOut should be downloaded and ran to remove the spyware even after if it's registered.

* The GetRight version Radiate provides at Binary Bliss is version 4.1 and it sticks registered and unregistered users alike the spyware with as little disclosure as possible. In my opinion it's nasty. If you had installed version 4.1 you probably wouldn't have made the statement you made.

Jun 30-00: From "Bruce": "I registered GetRight and I could register it all day long every day of my life and it wouldn't to a thing for my privacy. Registering GetRight had no effect on Aureate software phoning home except that it doesn't display Ads. I will tell you what had a positive effect on protecting my privacy, also the ONLY thing that had ANY effect on privacy was getting inside the program and hacking out every bit of that Aureate software! OptOut made this very easy!"

"Is GetRight any different today? Well, yes and no, it still installs the Aureate and also wants to install Atune and Gator if you let it. Does registering it stop phone calls to Aureate? NO!!!!! It doesn't do anything to stop this. You will still have to use additional software to delete the Aureate software, GetRight offers a program that can be downloaded but OptOut works just as well."

"One more thing, Flycast is being called because of a java script in an html file called something like iebanner.html. If you have a text editor you can delete the Java script that calls flycast."

"One other thing, all 4x versions of GetRight will run without Aureate software. Version 4.2 shows more consideration to the registered user than 4.1 and it can be downloaded from GetRight. Version 4.1 is nasty in regards to its slippery ways and lack of disclosure, this is the preferred version of Aureate and it can be downloaded from them at their binary bliss site."

Jun 28-00: From "Bruce": "If you install GetRight 4.2 and then run OptOut GetRight will not cripple. It will also not attempt to communicate with the Aureate servers. What it does do is make a phone call to I guess wants to make sure that your getting some kind of advertisement."

Added: Aug 07-00

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