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The Making of MyAdList.

This list is meant as a personal annex to the killfile.
You can put all your User Section entries in this sublist.

Create a text file called MyKillfile.txt in your Proxomitron directory.
Open Proxomitron by clicking the system tray icon.


Click the "Config" button.


Choose the "Blockfile" tab.


Click the "Add" button.
A window opens displaying the
contents of your Proxomitron directory.


Select "MyKillfile.txt" and click "Open".


Insert "MyAdList" at the cursor.


Click "OK".


Insert $LST(MyAdList) in the USER SECTION of the killfile.
You can now add your personal entries to MyAdList using
the rightclick menu of the Proxomitron system tray icon.


Putting NOADDURL at the top of the killfile
will hide AdList (WillemList.txt) from
the "Add to Blockfile" submenu.

New updates of WillemList will include
NOADDURL and $LST(MyAdList).

Made by Willem
Proxomitron © Scott R. Lemmon
Thanks to Jane for hosting this page

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