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Avenue A provides "...Internet planning and buying, proprietary ad delivery and management, data collection and analysis, targeted e-mail, and enhanced marketing support, such as strategic partnerships and search engine optimization." Cookies and clickstream data are used to collect information. is "... dedicated to optimizing the acquisition of qualified customers for companies conducting business on the Internet." iballs became a wholly owned subsidiary of Avenue A in 1999 and "...deploys Avenue A's proprietary technology for the placement, tracking and optimization of Internet marketing campaigns."

Privacy Information  

Privacy Policies: and

Both Avenue A and use tracking cookies and collect clickstream data. Besides the usual clickstream data, the following is stated on the Avenue A web site:

"Sometimes clients will send us anonymous information they collected online during transactions so that we can provide targeted advertisements and analyze if our advertising has resulted in sales. In this process, the information that we receive is completely anonymous to Avenue A. This information relates to online transactions, such as the website user's anonymous ID, ZIP code, transaction sales total, and product ID. Avenue A will also collect data on events that occur on a client's website, such as the user has applied for a loan."

Opt-Out Option: On, the opt-out cookie link redirects to Avenue A. An opt-out cookie that covers both Avenue A and cookies is available at

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Business Associates:  

Customers Include: Eddie Bauer,, Gateway Computers,, Microsoft Corporation (MSN), MTV Networks,, RealNetworks, Ticketmaster Online, CitySearch, and

Last Reviewed: Sept 04-00

Quoted excerpts are © Avenue A and/or unless otherwise noted.

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