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Prox & Junkbuster | A4Proxy & Prox or WebWasher | CookieCop & Prox | Prox & WebWasher with ZA/ZAP (IE) | Prox & WebWasher with ZA/ZAP (NS) | WebWasher & Prox (Opera)
Please use common sense when trying out tips & tricks. Make backups before making changes.

Chaining Proxy Programs

Not all things that "should" work, do work on everyone's systems. If you can provide directions for chaining other combinations, or have a solution to an odd compatibility problem and feel like sharing, please drop me a line:

Daisy-chaining Proxomitron and Junkbuster

A4Proxy with Proxomitron or WebWasher

"Will A4Proxy work together with other local proxy software, like WebWasher or Proxomitron?" Directions are given for using with WebWasher but they should be the same for Proxomitron.

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CookieCop and Proxomitron  (Courtesy of Ralph P.)

"I set up Proxomitron as the first proxy, in Internet Options > Connections, checkmarked "bypass proxy server for local addresses," put CookieCop in Proxomitron's Remote Proxy box as CookieCop:8100, and set "use remote proxy."

"I set CookieCop to start with IE, and Proxomitron to start IE. Clicking Proxomitron opens IE which opens CookieCop. ZA asks "Allow Server?" for each, answer No; ZA asks "Allow connect to the Internet?" for each, answer Yes. Both programs show traffic in their logs.

Then I reversed the order, putting CookieCop in Internet Options > Connections, and Proxomitron in CookieCop's Gateway Address as localhost--port 8080, and unset Proxomitron's "use remote proxy." That worked as well. The first two entries in my HOSTS file are  localhost and  CookieCop.

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Internet Explorer: Daisy-chaining WebWasher and Proxomitron  (Win 98 with ZoneAlarm, and Win 2k with ZoneAlarm Pro) (Courtesy of Ralph P.)

1. Open Proxomitron > Config > set to use port 80. Close Proxomitron. In Tools > Internet options > Connections > highlight dialup to use > Settings > check only 'Use a proxy server' and 'Bypass proxy server for local addresses'. Click Advanced. Enter in the HTTP boxes > localhost and 80. OK your way out.

2. Open WebWasher Browser Configuration Window > Select your dialup > Check 'always use' > OK. Close WebWasher.

3. Look at IE settings again. 'Use automatic config....' should be checked, the port # in the script should be 8080, and 'Use a proxy server' should be unchecked. OK out.

4. Open WebWasher main window. Click Proxy Engine. Port should be 8080. Checkmark Client. The IE settings for Proxomitron from step 1) should appear here. Close WW.

5. In HOSTS put   localhost

To take both off line, click to put an X on the W icon. To take only Prox off line, uncheck Client in WW. Close and reopen the proxies after any config changes, so as to update ZA. This should get you running with sequence IE > WW > Prox > Internet.

With this sequence set up, you can launch all three with 1 click: In WW Browser config window, check 'Start the selected browser'. In Prox > Config > check 'Run at startup', then Find > WebWasher.exe. Put a shortcut to Prox on the Quick Launch bar, click it.

To reverse the sequence:

1. Open WW > uncheck Client. Click Extras > browser config > Manual > OK. CloseWW.

2. Go to IE dialup settings > uncheck 'Use automatic', check 'Use a proxy' and 'Bypass proxy'. Click Advanced. See that your entries from the first Step 1) are there. OK out.

3. Open Prox > Check 'Use remote proxy. Click Proxy. Enter webwasher:8080 OK. Close Prox.

4. Add  webwasher   to HOSTS

To take WW off line, uncheck 'Use remote proxy' in Prox. To take both off line, check 'bypass' in Prox.

With this sequence, you lose the 1-click trick, but Prox is more easily configured than WW for changing between several different 'second-in-line' proxies or anonymizing proxy servers.

I added CookieCopPlus to the mix, and with a few clicks can go from none, to Prox, to Prox > WW, to Prox > CCP > WW, to WW, to WW > Prox, to WW > Prox > CCP.

Don't ask why ;)

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Netscape: Daisy-chaining WebWasher and Proxomitron  (Win 98 with ZoneAlarm, and Win 2k with ZoneAlarm Pro) (Courtesy of Ralph P.)

1. Open WW; click Extras > browser config; highlight your dialup under NS; check > always use; uncheck (for now) > start the selected browser; OK.

2. See that Client is unchecked; OK; Start your dialup, and verify that NS uses WW; close dialup, NS, and WW.

3. Open Prox > Uncheck > use remote proxy; click Config, set port to 80; uncheck(for now) Run at startup; Find > webwasher.exe; X close; Save config.

4. Open WW; Check > Client; In the HTTP 1: boxes put  localhost  and  80; Fill in the 'do not use...' box as you wish; check > 'do not use any proxy........' ; close WW; Add to HOSTS   localhost

This should enable the sequence: NS > WW > Prox > Internet. After making any changes to your configuration, close dialup, browser, proxies, then reopen them. This will update ZA.

When you are satisfied with the setup, you can go to WW > Extras > browser config, and check > Start the selected browser, and to Prox > config, and check > Run at startup. Now clicking on the Prox icon in the Quick Launch bar will open all three.

If you use different browsers at different times, do the WW automatic config for each one, but leave 'always use' unchecked. Then start a browser, and start Prox, which will start WW.

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Opera v4.02: Daisy-chaining WebWasher and Proxomitron   (Info and screen captures courtesy of "Stoned")

"I recently downloaded Proxomitron, and wanted to chain in the above order. Had to wing it... it worked. Here's how:

1. Set Opera to WebWasher:

    a) Open Opera. File / Preferences (alt+P) / Connections / Proxy Servers Button:

opera prefs

    b) Check HTTP; Enter and port 8080:

opera prefs

2. Set WebWasher to Prox:

    Open WW check Proxy engine/client enter for HTTP1 and port 80.

3. Set Prox to Internet:

    Open Proxomitron/config enter listener port as 80;

    FIND WWasher.exe check "Run at start up."

Updated: Sept 13-00

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With WebWasher activated, many links on these pages will not display. Please see About page for fix.

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