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Cybereps / The CyberTech Network  

Server List: See Stephen Martin's Hosts File List (Cybereps Group)

About Cybereps:

An "online advertising sales and marketing organization, specializing in the individual representation of a select number of "Best-of-Breed" content web sites."

In August, 2000, someone at Cybereps must have hit someone else over the head with a 2 x 4. The title "Cybereptiles" -- our staff" was finally removed from the section of staff photos. Very funny (in a pathetic sort of way) is that an advertising company would be so incompetent as to show how little they think of both consumers and their staff in such a public place. (That section was previously at

Privacy Information  

Privacy Policy: None.

Opt-Out Option: None.

Privacy Contact: None. This is the Company President: Ted Welch, President

Business Associates:  

Customers Include: adsGuide, AutoWorld,, BizReport, CAD InfoNet, Conducent, CyberCheeze,, eMarketer, House of Blues, Future Games Network,, Nutrio, PhotoPoint, Planet Source Code, RootsWeb,,,, TeenHollywood,, TUCOWS, and

Last Reviewed: Sept 04-00

Quoted excerpts are © Cybereps unless otherwise noted.

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