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DoubleClick Adserver™

About DoubleClick Adserver:

DoubleClick AdServer™ is an ad management system. "In order to meet advertiser needs, maximize Web property profits, and facilitate on-site, real-time targeting, you need reliable, scalable, flexible, solutions that deliver sophisticated inventory management, targeting, and reporting capabilities. [...] This software solution provides the mission-critical architecture required to effectively run your interactive marketing business, offering best-of-class scalability and reliability in an open, extensible environment."

DoubleClick's Technology Partner program was recently launched to strengthen the technology arm of our partner efforts and provide customers with access to technologies that complement and extend DoubleClick solutions, ultimately enabling customers to maximize their online marketing initiatives."

DoubleClick Technology Partners  


ABC Interactive: Provides "...independent third-party audits and industry-developed standards for websites and other online advertising."

Business Process

Solbright, LLC: "Develops business-to-business transaction systems designed to streamline the ad production process."


Acuity (formerly iChat): Provides "...real-time, Web-based communication solutions [used] to conduct e-commerce, provide online customer service, and build interactive communities."

Content Management

Vignette: "By integrating our respective technologies, DoubleClick and Vignette have enabled customers to dynamically generate content and increase advertising-based revenues."

Customer Analysis

net.Genesis: "A leading provider of e-business intelligence software and services [whose] flagship product, net.Analysis™, is widely acknowledged as the industry's most sophisticated Web site analysis solution, offering unsurpassed analytical power, reporting, scalability and enterprise support."

"The integration of behavioral information from net.Analysis with the data from targeted advertising and marketing campaigns from NetGravity™ enables business managers to gain a more complete view of their online customers."

"More than 250 market leaders use net.Analysis to improve their online businesses" including Aetna, Apple Computer, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, E*Trade, Fidelity Investments, Fleet, Lucent Technologies, National Geographic, and Xerox.

Strategic Partners include IBM, Allaire, Oracle, NetGravity (NetGravity was merged with DoubleClick on October 27, 1999), Net Perceptions, Netscape, Vignette, Sun Microsystems, Informix, VeriSign, and ABC Interactive.


CyberCash™: "The world leader in e-commerce technologies and services, enabling commerce across the entire market spectrum from electronic retailing environments to the Internet."

CyberCash brands include ICVERIFY™, PCVERIFY™, CashRegister™, NetVERIFY™, CyberCoin™, PayNow™, and InstaBuy™.

Recommendation Technology

Net Perceptions: "The world's preeminent developer and supplier of realtime recommendation technologies," Net Perceptions " the originator of online collaborative filtering technology, the most accurate predictor of individual behavior available. Also the originator of the Realtime Recommendation Platform, which integrates collaborative filtering, neural network, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm technologies, and automatically applies the optimum technology to whatever recommendation or personalization task is at hand."

Net Perceptions products include Net Perceptions for Ad Targeting™, Net Perceptions for E-commerce™, Net Perceptions Recommendation Engine™, and Net Perceptions for Call Centers™.

Rich Media

AudioBase: "Brings the power of music and voice to Web advertisers and marketers [...] using a hosting network and ultra-light Java applet."

Comet Systems: "Developer of the Comet Cursor™, a patent-pending, rich media technology that allows any Web site to display a graphic or animation of its choice in place of the traditional "arrow" cursor on a Web browser [...] Comet Cursor allows Web sites and Web advertisers to change the "arrow" cursor into a branded cursor to match an online banner ad. [...] DoubleClick customers can serve and track impressions on Comet System's cursor ads." (Comet Systems is profiled separately on this website.)

Macromedia: "Shockwave™ provides the tools to create some of the Web's most compelling advertising... DoubleClick's relationship with Macromedia allows customers to deliver and track any ads created in Shockwave."

RealNetworks: "Market leader in streaming media technology on the Internet [with] software products and services designed to enable users of personal computers and other digital devices to send and receive real-time media using today's infrastructure." (RealNetworks/RealMedia is profiled separately on this website.)

Unicast Communications Corp: "Creator of The SUPERSTITIAL™, [an] innovative advertising format for the World Wide Web."

"SUPERSTITIALs™ are non-banner rich media ads that can be any size (from a postage stamp to full-screen), up to 100K, and can be authored in almost any creative format - including Macromedia Flash™ - without requiring user plug-ins. SUPERSTITIALs are pre-cached as opposed to streaming, and will never play until fully loaded to ensure users get the complete advertising message."

Added: June 26-00

Quoted excerpts are © DoubleClick unless otherwise noted.

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