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Server List: See Stephen Martin's Hosts File List (WebSideStory Group)

About WebSideStory:

"WebSideStory is a leading provider of Internet-based Web audience analysis and Internet intelligence [and] the creator of the HitBox™ technology and HitBox Enterprise™, a powerful Internet audience intelligence service for e-businesses."

"The HitBox technology remotely, securely and anonymously collects and warehouses data from visitors to Web sites. Simply put, it monitors the "who, what, when, and where" of every visit, and it does so in ways far superior to competing log file software vendors."

Like many of the other sites listed here, WebSideStory states it has " immense warehouse of data on Internet users -- the largest of its kind." They also have wireless tracking: "HitBox Wireless is the first service to track visitor activity on wireless Web sites."

WebSideStory is one of those companies that creates information collection traps disguised as websites. Their sites were among the worst I visited, loaded with ads, nosy scripts, and cookies. Would you really want to be on a chat on Ugh. Sure they have a Privacy Policy up but I find it hard to believe.

WebSideStory Websites is an "adult" site. is a "...thriving webmaster resource center and the largest community of independent sites ranked by traffic." Note for anyone thinking of visiting: This site is loaded with scripts, DoubleClick ads, pop-up windows and who knows what else. is a "...highly accurate source of data on global Internet user trends." is a " search engine that ranks sites by usability and popularity." This is actually a "portal," similar to Yahoo and Excite, with free email, chat, search, etc.

Privacy Information  

Privacy Policy:

WebSideStory uses cookies, clickstream data and registration information to collect information. They state that cookie and clickstream data is "anonymous" and that personal information given during registrations on their sites is not tied to this data or to "aggregate" information sold to third parties. The policy also states "We do not merge or enhance information you give us with information obtained from third parties."

Opt-Out Option: No opt-out cookie provided.

Privacy Contact:

Last Reviewed: Sept 04-00

Quoted excerpts are © WebSideStory and/or its subsidiaries unless otherwise noted.

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