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Server List: See Stephen Martin's Hosts File List (Bluestreak Group)

About Bluestreak:

Founded to advance the art and science of online marketing," Bluestreak is a "leading provider of rich media and interactive marketing solutions for the internet." The site presents Bluestreak as the hip, cutting-edge choice. Lots of cool looking twenty and thiry-somethings, lots of blue lipstick and nailpolish.

Services include:

E*Banners™ are " media ads that can expand from any size to any size."

RADAR™ is "...a non-invasive online targeting strategy that eliminates cookies and tags from the targeting process, while still matching banner ad content to user groups.")

RichMail™ inserts "rich media advertising and e-commerce" in email, making "it possible for your message to grow virally."

StreakingMedia "lets you incorporate streaming audio and video into your online and email campaigns."

Privacy Information  

Privacy Policy: None.

Opt-Out Option: None.

Privacy Contact: None.

Last Reviewed: Sept 04-00

Quoted excerpts are © Bluestreak unless otherwise noted.

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