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Commission Junction (CJ)  

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About Commission Junction: - - (track4 redirects to

"Commission Junction is a network that matches products to content, audits e-commerce activity, manages the relationship between merchants and affiliate content providers, and collects and pays e-commerce revenues on all sales generated."

The basic concept is simple. Affiliate sites have content. Merchant sites have stuff to sell. CJ is the go-between in matching these groups up. Rather than profiling users and then guessing as to what targeted ad might be most appropriate for a particular user, CJ clients choose from merchant ads that are relevant to their site content. Commission Junction calls this method of providing advertising EnContext™.

CJ also has Affiliates and Partners programs that pay bonuses for each new network member that is approved after following the referrer's link. The network is huge. "Commission Junction's customers include over 1000 online merchants and 250,000 unique affiliate content sites that together represent over 2 million e-commerce partnerships."

Commission Junction emphasizes that placing ads in context is smarter than profiling. In a CJTV video interview between someone from CJ and a lawyer from the Rothken Law Firm, the use of profiling as both ineffective and damaging to the Internet is discussed (more info on the video below). However, I can't say Commission Junction doesn't engage in profiling because - oddly enough - I wasn't able to locate a Privacy Policy on their site.

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Links & News  

Commission Junction's CJ TV has a Video Interview with the Rothken Law Firm. Rothken filed the first Internet Consumer Privacy lawsuit against DoubleClick. For information on this video, see the links section of the DoubleClick page on this website.

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Privacy Information  

Privacy Policy: No general Privacy Policy on site. CJ responded to inquiry about this, saying they're working on one (in July - still no policy!).

Opt-Out Option: None found.

Privacy Contact: None. This is a general contact:

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Business Associates:  

Affiliates & Merchants: A very long list can be viewed at:

Partner Sites: A long list with links and descriptions of the companies can be viewed at

Integrated Providers Include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Last Reviewed: Sept 04-00

Quoted excerpts are © Commission Junction, Inc., 2000 unless otherwise noted.

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