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eXTReMe Tracking  

Server List: See Stephen Martin's Hosts File List (Extreme) Group)

About eXTReMe Tracking:

eXTReMe offers tracking scripts that allow web site owners to "picture the visitors" to their websites: "...numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages. All the way up from simple counting your visitors until tracking the keywords they use to find you." Besides the visible type of tracker offered for free, an "Invisible Non Public Tracker" that does not require an eXTReMe button on websites using their service is available for a fee.

Privacy Information  

Privacy Policy:

States "By using the eXTReMe Tracker code on your site you are able to collect a huge amount of information about your visitors (see sample). Nevertheless, in respect to your visitors, no personal information such as personal names, email addresses etc. are being tracked."

Opt-Out Option: None provided on site.

Privacy Contact:

Last Reviewed: Sept 04-00

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