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L90 (adMonitor™)  

Server List: See Stephen Martin's Hosts File List (L90 (Admonitor) Group)

About L90:

Formerly AdNet Strategies then Latitude 90, L90 is an advertising and direct marketing conglomerate rivaling DoubleClick in both range and tenacity. They want to know exactly who you are and they'll go to great lengths to get you to "voluntarily" give up personal information.

L90's adMonitor™ is the proprietary technology used to manage campaigns and "...selectively target ads to Web users based on their specific interests and other demographic and psychographic information." Besides the "anonymous" database, L90 also has acquired a huge database of personal information through its promotions and acquisitions. Moving into offline advertising as well, an expanded partnership with Bell Atlantic (the Y-Commerce initiative) involving sales of both online and offline Yellow Pages™ ads was announced in February, 2000.

Because of L90's use of rich media ads utilizing AudioBanner, Macromedia, RealNetworks, and Unicast technologies, blocking L90's ads and data collection can require multiple solutions. To L90, its "Global alliance with Akamai™ means distribution across 2,750 servers in over 45 countries on more than 150 different telecommunications networks." To users who choose to block L90, it means using only L90 server names in the hosts file may not completely block L90 ads & tracking.

Read L90 Ad Specs and view an example of their iFrame tags for "rich media" ads...

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Press Releases  

June 6, 2000:
ePrize and L90 Form Marketing Partnership to Offer Customers One-Stop Shopping for Integrated Online Advertising and Promotions: "L90 plans to use ePrize sweepstakes programs in online advertising programs, developed specifically for clients looking to drive user registration and sales through high-stakes incentives. ePrize will in turn refer clients to L90 for their Internet advertising and direct marketing needs."

April 6, 2000:
L90 Links up with RadicalMail to Electrify its Viral Marketing Service: "Having access to L90's premier network of advertisers and Web publishers also provides opportunities for us to expand our client base," Strack said." (Robert Strack, president and co-founder of RadicalMail)

Feb 24, 2000:
Online Advertising Firm L90 Expands Partnership With Bell Atlantic To Sell Online And Offline Yellow Pages Ads: "The Y-Commerce initiative is designed to give e-commerce companies a comprehensive solution for reaching new audiences, driving online sales and building marketshare by leveraging online and offline Yellow Pages."

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Privacy Information  

Privacy Policies: and

"We recommend that you periodically review this Privacy Statement, as L90 may update it from time to time."

"In the course of delivering an ad to you, L90 does not collect personally identifiable information about you." L90 collects browser information (including browser type, IP address, OS, domain) and clickstream data. Tracking cookies are also used: "A cookie is a unique number that is assigned to you the first time L90 serves you an ad."

"In some cases, you may voluntarily provide personal information in response to a specific ad. L90 may collect this information on behalf of the advertiser, who, in turn, will use this information to respond to your request for a catalogue. In addition, there may be instances in which you voluntarily elect to provide information in exchange for sweepstakes opportunities, special offers, promotions and other targeted offers based upon your interests."

Nothing is stated in the Privacy Policy about what is done with this information.

Opt-Out Option: Opt-out cookie available at

Privacy Contact:

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"Designed to serve media beyond traditional banner advertising, adMonitor™ supports tracking and targeting of cutting-edge Internet advertising tools such as rich banner technology, content integration, streaming video, couponing, sweepstakes, pop-up boxes, and interstitials, among others."

Platforms using adMonitor™ technology include:

L90R&E™ (Reach & Efficiency) "...delivers buys that reach the most "eyeballs" for the lowest and most efficient cost."

L90Premium™ places advertising campaigns featuring " microsites and jump pages, content integration, contextual sponsorships, rich media, promotions and sweepstakes" into L90's premium partners Web sites. The referenced L90 URL includes a long list of L90's Premium Sites.

L90Targeted™ "...enables advertisers to target specific audiences by content channels." L90 has an extensive network and new sites are added almost weekly so links, rather than actual lists, are included here:

Advertiser: lists L90 targeted websites by categories.

Publisher: lists L90 Partner websites.

L90Broadband™ lists L90 targeted broadband websites.

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L90 Divisions  


A Press Release dated May 8, 2000 announced this service would allow consumers to "...tell the business what they want -- and when they want it. In turn, with our adMonitor technology, businesses receive insightful profiles to help highly personalize their marketing efforts."


A Press Release dated May 4, 2000 announced "Online Advertising Provider L90 Forms Division To Tap Swelling U.S. Hispanic And Latin American Internet Market."

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L90D.m.™ Direct Marketing  

About L90D.m.™:

"Direct marketing provides online direct marketing solutions ranging from text and HTML eNewsletter Sponsorships, "opt-in" registration advertising, customized name acquisition PopUp windows, Opt-in E-mail Lists and Viral marketing opportunities." Of course, advertising of all types is embedded in these "direct marketing solutions." L90 describes these "marketing opportunities" as "viral" and they probably couldn't have picked a more appropriate description.

L90D.m.™ components include:

L90Mail™ "...delivers the advertising message directly to a specific audience who choose to receive targeted information through E-mail newsletters and targeted E-mail lists. Advertisements are integrated within newsletter content or sent as stand alone E-mail." Besides providing the ads, L90 sells and rents mailing lists and arranges "eNewsletter Sponsorships" for both text and HTML based newsletters.

L90Opt-in™ In April, 2000 L90 announced Xchange technology would be merged with adMonitor™ " form a full service opt-in email newsletter offering" that would allow "...clients to customize offers based on profile information."

Using L90Opt-in™, "... advertisers have direct access to the millions of new users registering with our site partners each month. Using co-registration opt-in boxes, consumers select to receive your promotional offer, subscribe to your service or become a new member of your site."

L90Rewards™ " a completely opt-in data-driven research tool and rewards program that enables L90 to develop detailed profiles on consumers by providing them with special promotions and rewards in return for shared insight into their behaviors and interests."

L90Link™ In April, 2000 L90 "...partnered with the interactive e-mail company RadicalMail to further enhance its cutting-edge viral marketing service, L90Link™ [...] The technology provides instant notification as soon as an e-mail is opened. [...] Combine that experience with our 'buy within the e-mail' and enhanced tracking capabilities, and e-mail comes to life as a powerful marketing vehicle." Since "notification" (typically including the user's email address) is automatically sent back just by opening items, Web Bugs and/or other dirty tricks are being used.

Last Reviewed: Sept 04-00

Quoted excerpts are © L90, Inc. unless otherwise noted.

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