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L90 Ad Specs | L90 iFrame Tags

L90 Ad Specifications (Media "Creatives" & L90Broadband™ formats)

Most L90 rich media ads are wrapped in IFRAME tags and others are preceded by L90 urls. Blocking IFRAME tags & keeping L90 servers current in the hosts file should remove most L90 ads & tracking (at least for now). Additional blocking can be accomplished by keeping certain formats from loading (configure browser and/or use a browser filtering application):

Audio Banners & Video Banners "A 468x60 banner (or customized size) that contain audio and video. Utilizing 100% Java and a unique technology that allows for AudioBanner™ brand audio and video streaming without the need for client-side plug-ins."

Java "In order for us to track clicks, the click-through URL of a creative cannot be embedded in the Java applet, it has to be called from the <param...> tag."


Real Audio / Real Video clips (3rd party served)

Rich Media: Formats include HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Pop-up Windows, and Macromedia Flash™. For Flash: "Click-through URL must be hard coded within the flash .swf file" and "In order to track clicks, L90 will create a URL which will be added in front of the click-through URL".

Shockwave/Flash "In order for us to track clicks, our redirect URL has to be hard coded in the .swf file."

Standard Images: GIF & JPG formats.

Unicast Superstitials are media ads that can be any size (from a postage stamp to full-screen), up to 100K, and can be authored in almost any creative format - including Macromedia Flash™. They don't require user plug-ins, are pre-cached as opposed to streaming, and "...will never play until fully loaded to ensure users get the complete advertising message." They will never stop till users get the complete advertising message either.

Webmercials "Flash technology with embedded audio adapted from forms of rich content like video, beta, audio, etc, runs before, after or during broadband content. Usually 10-20 seconds long."

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L90 iFrame tags  

Proxomitron users (see Links page) can activate the iFRAME/iLAYER to Link Web page filter to handle these tags. I've found this filter works perfectly in both IE and Netscape. From Proxomitron's help file:

"iFrame to link: Converts Internet Explorer type "floating" frames to normal links. This allows you access to such frames in other browsers, but is also useful for IE users since many ads come "wrapped" in floating frames. Because it's not supported by all browsers, pages seldom rely on floating frames, making legitimate uses rare."

For users who want to create a block filter, a web-safe, non-loading, non-wrapping example of an L90 IFRAME tagged ad is included below:

<!-- These tags should be placed in the L90 D.m category in the 1x1 size space  --> 
MARGINHEIGHT="0" SCROLLING="NO" SRC="|1017|1|iframe|C7447|||"> 
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="|1017|1|jscript|C7447|||">
<center><a target=_top HREF="|1017|1|image2|C7447|||" TARGET=_top>
<font size=1>[]</font></A></center>
<!-- End of adMonitor v3.0 rich content tags -->

Added: July 21-00

Quoted excerpts are © L90, Inc. unless otherwise noted.

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